Internet Security

We have added links to a couple of documents to provide advice on keeping safe on the internet, these look quite daunting but will help to protect you from internet scams.

General information on keeping safe, click here.

More detailed information on security, click here.


10 May 2020:  Please Note - Zoom Software Update Click here

The lockdown has made online technology a must for any kind of social interaction, and online conferencing with Zoom has become a de facto standard, used extensively by schools for online lessons, by the media for online interviews, and even by HM Government for cabinet meetings.  On the back of this popularity we have built a small team to encourage and support the use of Zoom as a means of keeping our U3A groups running.  The Zoom website and more particularly its support website have many resources, downloads, videos etc. and this page provides links to the more relevant pages, as well as some more specific documentation we have produced to help with installation and use in our setting.


For summary guidance on how to install Zoom and join a meeting, click here
For more detailed guidance, including screenshots, click here
For more detailed guidance on creating and hosting meetings, click here

Helper Information 

If you have volunteered as a Zoom Helper, click here for guidance on how to help others through the installation

Security and Privacy

Zoom has had some bad publicity, largely related to people gatecrashing meetings and making a nuisance.  Zoom have made some changes to account settings to make this more difficult, but click here for guidance on how you can ensure the security of your account and your meetings


Breakout Rooms

Zoom has the facility to break a meeting into smaller discussion groups called Breakout Rooms. Click here for guidance on how to create and manage Breakout Rooms within your meeting.

Joining by Telephone

For those without access to a PC or smartphone, it is possible to join a Zoom meeting by telephone. Click here for guidance on how to host a meeting that people can call into, and how to join a meeting by phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to some frequently asked questions